blended appetite stimulant supplements

There are a few proprietary blended appetite stimulant supplements on the market who all claim to have the best way to engage the appetite. They strive to accomplish what the prescriptions do, however, they claim to accomplish this feat without any side effects from the herbal and natural ingredients used in them. There are currently three different products out there: CB1 Weight Gainer, Black Hole, and Eatmor.

Using Appetite Stimulant Supplements

  • CB1 Weight Gainer – goes for the athlete who wants to increase appetite for the athlete who is struggling to put on weight or increase for sports or athletic applications. This supplement seems to want to acquire people who “want” to gain weight rather than help people who “need” to gain weight such as cancer patients or those with HIV or AIDS.
  • Black Hole – This is a supplement who is claiming to be a type of synthetic cannabis. By introducing the initial components of THC the body will finish off the rest of the job and utilize the chemical components to crease hunger. However, they are not claiming the initial side effects of cannabis such as lack of inspiration, focus, and drive.
  • Eatmor – Is an appetite stimulant built to increase hunger by creating the symptoms of hunger in the user. By causing a warming stomach, salivation, and improved mood Eatmor enhances the brain to think that it is hungry based on naturally occurring triggers. It also uses naturally occurring herbs and minerals.

Other herbs and minerals that can help to increase appetite include: Saw Palmetto, Ginger, Gentian, AndroGentian, Devil’s Claw (root or powder), Alfalfa, Peppermint, Gensing, Brewer’s Yeast, Zinc, Vitamin E, and Papaya Leaves.

These herbs can tend to be most effective when combined with a multi complex B-Vitamin as this will dramatically improve mood and when combined with herbs this can be the most easily accessible method to stimulate the appetite with the lease amount of side effects.